Island producer sues L.A. Times over Mafia label

Staten Island film producer Julius Nasso believes the Los Angeles Times and its Pulitzer Prize-winning reporter did not do their homework — and now he plans on making them pay for it.

Nasso yesterday filed a $10 million defamation of character lawsuit against the left coast newspaper after it printed an article last month that alleged he had ties to the Mafia.

“I’m as much of an organized crime guy as you are Osama bin Laden’s niece,” an angry Nasso told an Advance reporter.

In a June 7, 2007, article in the Los Angeles Times about wiretapping charges against controversial Los Angeles private investigator, Anthony Pellicano, the paper referred to Nasso as a “reputed Gambino crime family member.”

The newspaper printed a correction on June 16, saying that Nasso was an “associate” of the crime family, not a member.

Nasso is not satisfied.

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